The Marrow Masters Podcast Season 9

Jan 12, 2023Partners

Marrow Masters, Season 9: What I Wish I Knew Before Transplant.

You’ll meet several awe-inspiring survivors, caregivers and health care professionals who will share their best tips–and it’s really good stuff.

This podcast series educate patients, caregivers, and health care professionals regarding important topics as they relate to bone marrow/stem cell transplant and Car-T cellular therapy. Our newest addition, Season 9 covers incredible tips before during and after transplant–things folks wish they had known. Season 8 covered All Things Related to Clinical Trials while Season 7 and 6 focused on important topics related to Graft Versus Host Disease, (GVHD.) In earlier seasons, we covered all things survivorship (Season 5), the caregiver perspective (Season 4), the patient perspective (Season 3), busting marrow myths (Season 2), and chronic GVHD (Season 1). With more than 17,000 downloads today, we are so thrilled to offer these pods.

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