Multiple Myeloma Updates – nbmtLINK Lunch & Learn at Noon

Mar 9, 2023Partners

Multiple Myeloma Updates nbmt lunch and learn

This month’s call in program will focus on Multiple Myeloma featuring featuring Dr. C. Ola Landgren, M.D., PhD, Professor of Medicine, Chief of Myeloma Division, Director of the Sylvester Myeloma Institute. Dr. Landgren’s clinical interests include novel therapeutics, cellular therapy, innate immunity, and tumor microenvironment. Dr. Landgren will share his expertise, sure to offer hope and more options to those diagnosed with MM. Additionally, Gregory O. Proctor, of San Antonio, Texas, a Multiple Myeloma survivor, who was transplanted in Feb. 2022, will offer insight, inspiration and coping strategies. Jennifer Gillette, our licensed staff social worker will host this call. There will be plenty of time for live questions.

If you have any technical issues related to registering, please call Peggy Burkhard, (248) 770-5172, or email The call-in information is contained in the form you use to register. Note: YOU call in participate. (We do not call you.) This program is recorded and available on our website
one week after airing live. (

This FREE program is intended to provide psychosocial and emotional
support along with health information from national experts regardingcritical topics surrounding cancer and treatments.

A FREE Call In Telephone Support Program for Patients and Their Families/ Caregivers/ Loved Ones
Presented by the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link,

Special thanks to our generous sponsors: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Incyte, Omeros Corporation and Pharmacyclics & Janssen. We also thank our Esteemed Link Partners.
Here are the Call In Details
Toll Free Dial In: 888-596-4144
Conference ID: 1722069 and then press #
Lunch & Learn
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
NOON to 1 pm EST

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